Zagreb, April 26-29 2012


Science Fiction conventions would probably seem a bit odd without fans dressed up as their favorite science fiction characters or at least swinging a sword. We all like it and always look forward to dressed-up visitors. In recent years the Ichidan group has successfully organized Cosplays at SFeraKon (competitions for the best manga or anime costume) and this year at Kontakt we plan a costumed award competition – the Masquerade.

How to participate

To participate in the Masquerade you need to register on the first day of the convention, on Thursday, April 26, 2012. We have great news: every costume gets a free admission on that day. Check in at the Masquerade Registration desk between 7pm and 9pm (and unofficially by the end of the evening). Registration is necessary so that you may receive a competition-ballot to collect stickers.


Our judges are all Kontakt participants. Each participant gets 3 stickers to attach to the ballot of his favorite costume/s.

On Friday and Saturday all interested contestants will have a chance to present themselves to the audience and say a few words about their costume, materials, work etc.

The rules

  1. All fully dressed-up visitors (not only the ones with a head mask!) who register on Thursday may participate in the Masquerade.
  2. Cosplay contestants may participate in the Masquerade, too.
  3. The stickers are given to costumes – each contestant may participate with more costumes during the convention.
  4. Contestants collect stickers from Thursday evening to Saturday around 5 pm, when they hand their ballots to the Masquerade director.
For any additional questions before Eurocon 2012 please contact our Masquerade director, Vesna.


Prizes for the best costume will be announced on Saturday evening, April 27, at the International Party.

1st prize = a 800 kuna gift voucher (app. € 105) in Aždaja Boutique

2nd prize = a surprise gift by Pinkeye’s Twisted Jewelry

3rd prize = a surprise gift by Pinkeye’s Twisted Jewelry



Main sponsor

Tajana Štasni is the only SF & F costume designer in Croatia, and in the year 2000 she was awarded SFERA Charter for special contribution to SFeraKon. She even regularly borrowed her costumes to Renaissance ensemble choir Vatroslav Lisinski for the performances. Some of her costume can be seen .

Tajana is also owner of the Aždaja Boutique, where you can find an unique offer of underground scene clothes and a large selection of jewelry and accessories. You can also order custom made clothes based on your ideas.


Pinkeye is a creative artist who sculpts funky jewelry and accessories made ​​from fimo (polymer clay). She is a regular exhibitor at SFeraKon and each time she surprises us with new SF motifs.

Check out Pinkeye’s Twisted Jewelry on her blog and official website.