Zagreb, April 26-29 2012

Kontakt Special Track

Kontakt programme is held in Croatian and English language. Program item is held in the same language it is announced here. Every program item has a number assigned to it for easier management of the schedule, and the letter next to it declares the language of the item; H – Croatian or E- English.

ESFS General Meeting

72 - E

Dave Lally, ESFS president

Decision processes in the European Science Fiction Society are based on a very simple democracy: everything is discussed and voted on at General Meetings and two representatives from each country have voting rights (but for future Eurocons everyone can vote). But, there's no formal way of choosing country representatives, so the rule is: who shows up, gets to vote. This year, among other things, there's Board elections, votes on ESFS awards and the location of the Eurocon 2014. Friday is for discussion, and Saturday is for voting on all items.

Kontakt Special Track

73 - E

Short 10-20 minute presentations of European national SF&F fandoms and literature
Croatia - Fandom
Petra Bulić

Croatian organized SF fandom began with formation of Zagreb SF club SFera in 1976. By the early 1980s, SFera was regularly publishing its fanzine Parsek and organizing SFeraKon. In the last 20 years, Croatian fandom grew to several clubs and conventions, which fostered various publishing projects.
Petra Bulić chairs the organizing committee of Eurocon 2012 and is president of SFera.
Slovenia – Fandom and Literature
Andrej Ivanuša

After the disintegration of Yugoslavia, already marginalized SF activity died out in Slovenia due to conflicts among participants and loss of big market. Recently, a group of new authors is trying to transform and re-establish it.
Andrej Ivanuša is slovenian writer, publisher, web designer, photographer, etc. He is also co-editor of only Slovene fanzin for fantasy, science fiction, horor and the world Drugotnost (Otherworld).
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Fandom Samra Koričić

The organized fandom in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in late 70-ties in Sarajevo, with SF Club Apeiron. Zenica SF&fantasy convention Fantastikon/Zekon started in 2007, Star Trek Fan-Club in Sarajevo exists since 2008, and Sarajevo Science Fiction Club PULSAR was founded in 2010, which organized first Sarakon in 2010.
Samra Koričić graduated in Journalism works in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She wants her phd theses to be about futurology, she is natural born idealist.
Serbia - Fandom
Pavle Zelić

Overview and history of fan associations in Serbia, gatherings and conventions; active groups, fanzines, websites. Pavle Zelić is a Serbian SF writer and editor.
Serbia - Literature
Žarko Milićević

A follow-up on Serbian speculative prose since late 19th century. History and development of SF&F literature in Serbia. Active in fandom since 2003, organizer of Beokon (Serbian convention). Program manager and president of the "Lazar Komarčić" SF society since 2008. Editor in "Tardis" publishing house.
Poland – Fandom and Literature
Marcin Klak

Poland is a relatively big country with lots of SF&F conventions. The biggest can gather more than 6000 people smaller ones can have only around 100 participants. Polish SF&F literature is more than 100 years old. Although there were and there still are a lot of SF&F authors in Poland only few of them received international recognition after Stanislaw Lem. Marcin ‘Alqua’ Klak (born in 1984) is a Polish SF&F fan, manga conrunner and reviewer in literature magazine – Literadar.
France - Literature
Pierre Gevart

A lively presentation of French SF literature, from Jules Verne to Houellebecq, a very active world of authors which claim both as members of the French way of writing and SF world concepts...Pierre Gevart, editor of the French revue "Galaxies" is an author of science fiction, too. He is the author of several novels, numerous short stories, several plays. He is a French SF convention organiser, too
France - Fandom
Pierre Gevart

Festivals and book fairs rather than conventions, French fandom is a world of minor authors, boosted by micro edition technology, very active, and crossed by different currents.
Romania - Literature
Cristian Tamas

Presentation of the Romanian SF from the origin (1873) to the present day.
Founding member of the Romanian Science Fiction and Fantasy Society, SF fan from 1982, translator and essayist, coordinator of the RSFFS's literary workshop, ProspectArt, organizer of the yearly Ion Hobana colloquium.
Romania -Fandom
Antuza Genescu

Our fandom consists mainly of fans, readers, writers and publishers. Sadly, we have but a few events; consequently, there are just a few conrunners among us.
Antuza Genescu is SF prose writer, translator and organiser. She is the president of the “H.G. Wells” Timisoara SF Society. She is also a member of SRSFF, the Romanian SF&Fantasy Association.
Czech and Slovak Republic - Fandom and SF literature
Scarlett Rauschgoldova & Lucie Bockova

Scarlett Rauschgoldova (aka Darth Zira) is member of Czech SF Fandom Society comittee and Lucia Bockova is Chair of committee of Slovak SF Societycomic.