Zagreb, April 26-29 2012


Gaming on Kontakt is in Croatian and English language, depending on the present and interested players. While some games and demonstrations are scheduled, there is always room for a free game.

Board games, card games and other tabletop gaming

By: Siniša Krunić
Legend of the Five Rings is a strategic card game set in a fantasy world of Rokugan, a place where noble samurai, pious shugenja and witty courtiers wage war upon each other only to bring honor and glory to their clans. You, the player, take role of a general allied with one of the nine great clans and play against an opponent trying to outmaneuver his forces in battle, claim as much honor as possible for your clan or bring dishonor upon your opponent in court, or reach enlightenment through mastery of the five elemental rings.

War of Honor takes Legend of the Five Rings and transforms it into a multiplayer game. While L5R can be played with more than two players, it usually turns out unbalanced and takes plenty of time. The rules for War of Honor are basically the same as for the card game, except there is more strategic planning and the victory conditions are changed, more streamlined, in order for a quick game to be possible. This time, players are encouraged to make alliances during the game, to help each other or to stab each other in the back – everything is allowed as long as you have fun. You’ll get to capture enemy fortresses and limit their scope of launching an attack and allying with their neighbors.
By: Men in Black
The official Steve Jackson Games demo team Men in Black will be present at Eurocon, showing their games and running tournaments!
Come by our tables and try out games such as Munchkin (in all its varieties), Munchkin Quest, Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls, Revolution, Ninja Burger, Frag, The Stars Are Right, Illuminati, Chez Geek, Cthulhu and Zombie Dice, and many more. If you've never played our games before, we'll be happy to show you how, and if you're an experienced munchkin you're more than welcome to sit down and play a couple rounds.
We'll also be running two tournaments. You can take part in our Zombie Dice tournament whenever you wish - during any game played at our tables, you may decide that your points are to be tallied for the purposes of the tournament. And on Saturday evening, we'll announce the winner who will receive his own copy of the game. Of course, we'll also be running a Munchkin tournament, and this time you'll be able to win a copy of Frag Gold!

Roleplaying games

GM:Goran Dimic - Flo
Play the fantasy role playing game placed in a homebrew Arnwy'nn setting! Become a mighty warrior, sly thief, wise cleric or a mysterious wizard - and discover the secrets of the ancient realm of Arnwy'nn - a place where the dragons are dangerous and the fair maidens await for their rescuers! Applications for the game will be held at the convention.
Goran Dimić Flo, kindergarten teacher, has played RPGs for at least 15 years and during that time he has created a unique fantasy setting Arnwy'nn, powered by the Swords & Wizardry rules by Marv Brieg. .
GM: Božo Androić
Božo Androić, a local roleplayer and game master, has spent the last few years of his free time on making a pen and paper roleplaying game based on the Deus Ex franchise. It is a cyberpunk dystopia where civilization is faced with issues such as technological singularity, global politics, conspiracies and transhumanism. The year is 2052, and the world is not a nice place to live. Plague and wars throughout the past fifty years have reduced the world's population to approximately six billion, and the economic stability is not encouraging either. The mechanics of the game are comparable to the d20 and GURPS roleplaying systems. The game is a work in progress, so players should expect conflicts, enemies and puzzles, but roleplaying is very welcome.
In the gray world of Deus Ex players take on the roles of UNATCO operatives that are working hard to fight terrorism and organized crime. One of three stand-alone adventures intended for to to six players will be played on each of the two sessions. Pregenerated characters are provided, and they themselves are relatively inexperienced but not absolute beginners. No special previous preparation is required to play and enjoy a Deus Ex game. Prior to the game, the game master will be available for questions and comments, and anyone who wants to make a custom character for themselves is welcome to do so.
Since the game is still in development, comments, criticism and ideas will help a lot, so please stick around after the session to share your experiences.
GM: Siniša Krunić
Legend of the Five Rings RPG takes place in a fantasy world of Rokugan, a land of samurai, shugenja, monks, ninja and many other oriental stereotypes and creatures appearing in works of fiction. As you take the role of such character, you’ll have to fight for glory in the field of battle, find your way through the court, and prove you’re worthy of your samurai lineage by honoring your clan and family. This RPG uses “Roll & Keep” mechanic, developed especially for this setting, which is quite minimalistic and storyteller oriented. Bring your d10s to the table!
The prepared scenario shows the importance of gift giving and face in the rigid society of Rokugan. The Seppun Court is on the horizon and a Crane Clan daimyo’s chances of navigating the treacherous politics of court come to a halt when the daisho he was supposed to keep safe and propose as a gift to the Seppun daimyo gets stolen. The PCs jump in to help and recover the daisho before it is too late, but getting their hands on it will prove more difficult than a simple investigation of a theft gone wrong.
GM: Marko Zadro
Wherever your feet might take you, take care that the Labyrinth be not your final destination, or you might find it as your very last destination. - Island Dwarf Proverb
On the very north of the New Continent, in the cold region of Dwarven Lands at the border with the Nordic Kingdom, lies the Dunheath Labyrinth, a natural laybrinthian cave stretching for miles and miles beneath the mountain of the same name. In The Cave, a tavern built at Labyrinth's entrance, adventurers from both civilized and not so civilized parts of the world gather in a quest to find something that has been attracting the attention of anyone who places value in fame and fortune. The dark, deep parts of the Labyrinth are the only place where Diamondworms live - gargantuan beings preying on everyone bold enough to step into their territory, owing their name to the diamond scales growing on their body - the main target of all the hunters tracking them down. Hunting them is not a trivial thing, demanding a lot of preparation, wit, will and luck, as well as the knowledge of how to actually kill Diamondworms. Every adventurer knows that he can find a lot of like-minded folk in The Cave at all times, eager and ready to join the hunt. After all, it has a reputation as a tavern with "the biggest number of overconfident fools", who always gladly have a pint or two of best dwarven ale even though it might as well be their last.
Game details will be dealt with on the spot. GURPS 4th edition will be used, with a few modifications and house rules. 4 players per session. More info from the GM at ragelance(at)
Pathfinder Society Organized Play
Organized by: Zrinka Znidarčić (VC)
Do you wish to travel to far away exotic lands? Do you love adventures and are you attracted to the unknown? Join the Pathfinder Society, the legendary association of explorers, archaeologists and adventurers! If you are just an inquisitive adventurer or already an experienced Agent, we invite you to embark on new and exiting adventures that may take you from Absalom all the way to Tian Xia!
Game System: Pathfinder Role Playing Game
New Pathfinders! You only have to sign up to reserve your seat and all other information will be given to you by your Game Master
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