Zagreb, April 26-29 2012


For participation in Kontakt programme please contact program coordinator Irena Rašeta at ire(at)

More informations and details about programme itself are coming soon…

What to expect?

You can definitely expect varied programming with parallel programme tracks and at least one programme item in English at all times.

We have a lot of experience with organizing conventions. Zagreb’s SFeraKon convention, which we organize every year, is the longest-running and the biggest annual science fiction convention in Croatia and this part of Europe. The first SFeraKon was held in 1979, and Eurocon convention called Ballcon was held in Zagreb in 1986. Usually more than 800 participants and visitors from all over Croatia and the region roam the convention halls and we had guests of honour such as Frederik Pohl, Robert Silverberg, Guy Gavriel Kay, Lois McMaster Bujold, Michael Swanwick, Bruce Sterling etc.

This is how we do it: The formal part

SFeraKon is held during the last full weekend in April (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The main, formal part of the program consists of lectures (topics: SF literature, SF cinema, science in SF), book promotions (Croatian editions of foreign books, especially books written by Croatian authors), panels and movie screenings. Every year we invite a world-famous science fiction author as a guest of honor, who also gives lectures and/or holds writing workshops.

In an effort to raise the quality standards and popularize and encourage domestic SF production, the SFera Society has been awarding the annual SFERA Award since 1981. The SFERA Award is the only national award for the SF genre in Croatia and it is presented during the SFERA Award Ceremony, the central event of SFeraKon. This is when the awards for best literary and art submissions for children are presented as well.

This is how we do it: The informal part

What’s a convention without the fun stuff? The less formal but equally important part of each SFeraKon consists of quizzes, workshops, gaming tournaments, auctions, debates, costume competitions, different kinds of games etc.