Kontakt (Eurocon 2012 & 34th SFeraKon) Zagreb, April 26-29 2012 2012-03-11T14:34:44Z http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/feed/atom/ WordPress Monique <![CDATA[Be a part of the Kontakt programme]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1652 2012-03-11T14:34:44Z 2012-03-09T10:33:46Z Eurocon programme offers diverse items of interest; from lectures and panel discussions to readings, workshops, book and magazine presentations, quizzes, masquerade and gaming – all running in parallel tracks. If you’ve been to a Eurocon before, you surely know what to expect.

Our programme team has been working diligently to create an interesting, enjoyable and wide-ranging convention. Kontakt’s activities will include topics from fiction to science with participants such as writers, artists, editors, publishers, scientists and off course, fans.

Since we are always happy to have new suggestions, we encourage and invite you to participate in the programming. All you need to do is fill out the form we provided and someone from our programming team will contact you back.

Program coordinator: ire@sfera.hr

Deputy program coordinator: vanda@sfera.hr

If you want to promote your oncoming convention or need a desk for promotion of your fan society, drop an e-mail to:

Fandom societies coordinator: mirko@sfera.hr
Monique <![CDATA[Dmitry Glukhovsky confirmed as GoH]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1610 2012-03-03T19:13:45Z 2012-03-03T08:57:28Z We are proud to present our next Guest of Honor, Russian SF writer Dmitry Alekseevich Glukhovsky, a journalist and author of the famous post-apocalyptic novel, Metro 2033. Glukhovsky will most certainly be a very interesting guest, considering that he worked as a reporter in many countries around the world and, besides speaking several languages, he is also the first reporter to report live from the North Pole.

He started publishing stories when he was only 19 years old, but he gained the real popularity in 2002 when he published his first novel Metro 2033 on his web site as a free source, making it a sort of an internet experiment.

The novel was printed in 2005 and has become Russia’s national bestseller, translated to more than 30 languages. In 2007 Glukhovsky was awarded the Encouragement Award of the European Science Fiction Society for his novel at the prestigious Eurocon in Copenhagen. Three years later a was released worldwide for PC and Xbox platforms.

Dmitry continued publishing online for free, and in the 2007 his readers had a chance to enjoy his novel It’s Getting Darker. In 2009 more than one million people read Metro 2034, an indirect sequel that takes place a year after the events in Metro 2033. Regardless of the fact that it was free online, this novel was also published as a book and became best-selling work of the year in Russia. Glukhovsky has turned the book into an art-project, inviting famous Russian electronic performer Dolphin to write an original soundtrack for the novel, while artist Anton Gretchko worked on the oil paintings for the gallery.

Besides his SF novels, Glukhovsky is also the author of a satirical series Stories of Motherland criticizing today’s Russia. Currently, he is negotiating the film rights for the Metro novels with Hollywood producers.

If you read Russian, or if you are willing to fiddle with online-translators, be sure to see Dmitry’s blog.

Monique <![CDATA[Masquerade]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1549 2012-03-01T10:15:09Z 2012-02-28T09:04:30Z Science Fiction conventions would probably seem a bit odd without fans dressed up as their favorite Science Fiction characters or at least swinging a sword.

We all like it and always look forward to dressed-up visitors. This year at Kontakt we plan a costumed award competition – the Masquerade.

If you’re thinking about participating, please read our competition rules (and don’t forget to check out the awards).

We have great news: every costume gets a free admission on April 26, 2012.
SFeraKon <![CDATA[Colder than Hell]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1521 2012-02-25T10:42:24Z 2012-02-25T00:51:14Z Pessimists may say that good, recent and fresh science fiction would be translated into Croatian when hell freezes over. However, this is happening right now, just before Kontakt.

Under the appropriate title Colder than Hell the publishing house Zagrebačka naklada is presenting a great name of the 21st century speculative fiction, Charles Stross, who is to visit Zagreb as the Kontakt’s Guest of Honor. Stross won the greatest genre awards, such as Hugo and Locus. Renowned critics describe him as the man who “continues the relay race of effective descriptions of our close future, following William Gibson and Bruce Sterling”.

Instead of translating one of the Stross’s collections, for example Toast (and other Rusted Futures) or Wireless, translators and editors Milena Benini and Marko Fančović decided to select the following stories (the list may be modified):

  • A Colder War (sort of a sequel to Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness, describing events during the famous political Iran/Contra scandal from the eighties),
  • Missile Gap, Bit Rot (the same universe as his novel Saturn’s Children),
  • Lobsters (the story is the first chapter of his popular novel Accelerando),
  • Palimpsest, A Snowball’s Chance (Stross’s favorite story, included upon his suggestion)
  • and a tidbit representing the popular Bob Howard – Laundry series – the Christmas story Overtime, previously published only online, describing events between Fuller Memorandum and the forthcoming The Apocalypse Codex.

The cover for the Colder than Hell collection will be done by the renowned and awarded artist Željko Pahek.

Monique <![CDATA[POI map]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1500 2012-02-25T10:25:38Z 2012-02-17T10:02:32Z If you ever wondered how far away is the nearest pub from our convention venue, no need to worry any more!

We came up with a POI map that includes specific historical locations, museums, pubs or spots to enjoy natural beauties. The  nearest restaurants and snack bars will be added soon.

The map is also located on the Zagreb page, so now you can see where the described places actually are.


Monique <![CDATA[Friendly voices from Romania]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1228 2012-02-06T20:50:44Z 2012-01-12T08:00:10Z Societata Romana de Science Fiction si Fantasy (SRSFF) held a contest awarding the winners with their anthology Pangea.  To win, contestant had to answer correctly to all the questions that were connected with Eurocon 2012 host – Croatia. Besides the contest, they announced Kontakt, and gave their experiences with previous Eurocons, as well as short history of this manifestation and how it all started – Yes, Romanain fandom is partly to blame for starting it all in the 70-ies! Be sure to buy them a drink when you meet them at Kontakt!

You can check the article here, where you will also find stories of Croatian SF authors translated in Romanian.

Monique <![CDATA[Guided tours?]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1200 2012-02-06T20:51:21Z 2012-01-04T09:32:07Z So, you would like to make a short trip and go exploring some nearby out-of-town attractions, but have no car available, or you just want to make most out of your trip?

No problem!

The travel agency, Ban Tours, has designed special half day or one day guided tours exclusively for Eurocon participants. You can join these tours three days before or three days after the convention (on 23-25, 30 April or on 1-2 May). So far, there are 3 tours you can choose from, but more will come.

For all information and bookings regarding the tours, contact: incoming@bantours.hr

Monique <![CDATA[Greetings, earthlings!]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1152 2012-02-06T20:24:23Z 2011-12-24T15:39:16Z So, the Season is upon us, when many fantastic things occur. Reindeer fly, elven factories churn toys out of snow and ice, and gifts spontaneously replicate under the Christmas trees. Alternatively, there is a portly jolly guy crawling through your chimney. And he knows if you were bad or good!

Happy holidays, everyone!


Monique <![CDATA[What about the Youth Hostel?]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1110 2012-02-06T20:52:49Z 2011-11-23T12:05:04Z Zagreb Youth Hostel offers all Eurocon members a 10 % discount and the attendees don’t have to pay the otherwise obligatory Hosteling International membership.
For more details check the Accommodation page.

If you are planning a short tour of Croatia before and/or after the Eurocon, we have arranged the 10% discount from the 23rd April to 2nd May in any hostel run by Croatian Youth Hostel Association, but don’t forget to book a room in time!

Monique <![CDATA[Frequently Asked Questions]]> http://zagreb-eurocon2012.com/?p=1102 2012-02-06T20:53:01Z 2011-11-21T10:00:00Z Since the convention participants usually have some questions regarding the place they are coming to and local customs, we’ve prepared the answers to the most common ones. You can check them here.
If there are other related questions that interest you, post them in the comments.