Zagreb, April 26-29 2012

About Zagreb & Croatia

Where to go, what to see, things to do…


In the tram

Zagreb has many sightseeing highlights and in the Spring, when days become longer and temperatures start to rise, they become easily accessible. It would be a real shame to miss out on cultural and historic landmarks which are all distributed in the vicinity of the main square and can be visited by a casual stroll along the marked tourist walking routs (step by step guides in all main foreign languages can be acquired, free of charge, in Tourist info office on the Main Square). So put your walking shoes on and let yourself be engulfed by a mixture of tradition and modernity, dosed and spiced according to Zagreb’s secret recipe. Whether you are interested in museums, sacral architecture, shopping, clubbing or enjoying the nature, you will find it here.

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Lots more to see & experience

The seaside

Don’t limit yourself on just one weekend, for the convention. Take few more days and get to know the mysteries of Zagreb and its surrounding area. Relax in the shade of granite megaliths by the waters of Jarun lake, check out the caves and silver mines of Medvednica and descend to opposite side to soak in thermal springs of Zagorje. Stroll along the walls of castles surrounding Zagreb or visit cottages and sample traditional cuisine. A little further away, you will find unique national parks, mountain ranges towering over sea coast, or cozy little towns that hide rich and turbulent history. All that within two hours of driving from Zagreb.

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Guided tours

Ban Tours travel agency has designed special half day or one day guided tours exclusively for Kontakt participants. You can join these tours three days before or three days after the convention (on 23-25 and 30 April or on 1-2 May). So far, there are 3 tours you can choose from, but more will come.

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