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The ESFS Awards

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The ESFS Awards

The European Scientific Fiction Society (ESFS) is committed to promoting Science Fiction in Europe and European Science Fiction worldwide. Every year the ESFS grants awards for the outstanding contribution to the genre of science fiction at the European level. The awards’s design is different each time, chosen by the host country. A new award category is planned to be introduced in the coming years.

The ESFS award ceremony 2012 was held in Zagreb on April, Saturday, 28. The Croatian design of the ESFS award was a green glass plaque with the etched Glagolitic letters: ”ESFS Contact Award 2012″.


Hall of Fame

Best Author: Ian McDonald (UK)
Best Artist: Nela Dunato (Croatia)
Best Translator: Pavel Weigel (Czech Republic)
Best Promoter: SF Encyclopedia Online Team (UK)
Best Publisher: Ailleurs et demain, Robert Laffout (France)
Best Magazine: Galaxies SF (France)

Spirit of Dedication Award

Best Dramatic Presentation: Divadelni spolek Kaspar (Czech Republic), for its adaptation of Daniel Keyes’ novella Floers for Algernon
Best Website: Science Fact and Science Fiction Concatenation (UK)
Best artist: Zdenko Bašić (Croatia)
Best fanzine: Eridan (Croatia)

Honorary Award: Jean Giraud aka Moebius (France)

Honorary Award European Grand Master: Brian Aldiss (UK)

Encouragement Awards: Aleksandra Ruda (Russia), Katarina Brbora (Croatia), Istvan Marki (Hungary), Illy Tyo (Russia), Aleš Oblak (Slovenia), Oliviu Craznic (Romania), Rod Rees (UK), Lucia Droppova (Slovakia), Jan “Johnak” Kotouc (Czech Republic)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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