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Tribute to “On Stranger Tides”

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Tribute to “On Stranger Tides”

Tonight our Guest of Honour, Tim Powers, arrives! Although most of us in the Science Fiction Society SFera prefer his novel The Anubis Gates , guys decided to keep their bodies (big and small!) to themselves, so we had to pick another book. Not surprise, the jacks be easily persuaded t’ stage th’ two-minute tribute t’ th’ novel On Stranger Tides . The swashbuckler scenes be filmed at th’ beautiful Jarun Lake one Sundee. If ye reckon the scallywags at th’ Kontakt harbor , they will deny ‘t, but buy them a round o’ grog at th’ bar, anyway, and they`l nay keelhaul ye  for asking.

Arrr, ye land lubbers can be seein’ th’  tribute o’er here:
YouTube Preview Image

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  1. Who

    Shiver me timbers!

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