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Portuguese SF at the Registration desk

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We are sorry not to have any participants from Portugal this year, but it doesn’ t mean that we wont have a chance to find out what is fantastically going on in Portugal.

Roberto Mendes, fan creator and editor of two SF Portuguese magazines Dagon and Conto Fantástico, creator of the website Correio do Fantastico (The Fantasy Mail) and one of the editors of the SF fanzine Fénix presented the Portuguese Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction Short Stories Anthology called Vollüspa on the Croatian SF portal . This anthology, inspired by Nordic legends and Norse mythology, has a goals of revitalizing the Portuguese speculative fiction scene, as well as giving all SF authors from Portugal a chance to express themselves. Vollüspa offers a journey into the fantastic, the reader can experience the history of the last vampire, watch the fall of Rome, hear the sounds of a song that touches the souls in a very special way, be pushed to the limit by the mythical figure of death, travel to the sky discovering its secrets or celebrate artificial Christmas.

After the anthology was published, readers and authors wrote short stories (max. 300 words) in which Vollüspa appeared as a character or a center figure in the plot. You can read 3 of those short stories translated into English on the NOSF portal. As the creator and editor of Vollüspa Roberto told us he has being preparing the second volume of Vollüspa, that will feature other Portuguese speaking nations such as Brazil.

 In addition to presenting the current SF scene in Portugal on the NOSF portal, Roberto sent us a package with an edition of  Vollüspa and the latest issue of Fénix so that all the Kontakt attendees can flip through publications or maybe read a story or two. The anthology and the fanzine will be available to all interested visitors at the Kontakt Registration desk.

Portugal is perhaps far away from Croatia, but the SF contact has been established!

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