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Kontakt Poster

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Kontakt Poster

Fearing that Daniel Ille, the author of Eurocon 2012′s poster, will be to modest in his biography (and yet we need some material for the news), we asked his wife, Jagoda Ille, for a subjective – objective presentation:

Daniel Ille, the author of Eurocon 2012′s poster, knew he wanted to create paper and ink miracles since the time he began thinking about the meaning of life, universe and everything. He has not changed his mind yet. He spent more than ten years in one of the largest advertising agencies, designing campaigns for renowned foreign and domestic companies. The best period in his career was working for the Concert Direction Zagreb, where he managed to combine his passion for classical music and graphic design. To Croatian science fiction fans he is well know for the visual identity of Project SF and SFeraKon posters.

He received many awards for his creativity since his student days at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, his latest being the INdoor kreativac competition in 2011.

Besides classical music his attention is regularly captured by the WWII history, sailing, the sea, large ships, natural wonders, good food, British TV series and any kind of gadget. Naturally, science fiction, as well.

You can see Daniel’s Kontakt Poster here!

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