Zagreb, April 26-29 2012

…and now something completely different – SCHEDULE

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…and now something completely different – SCHEDULE

The most wanted news on the Kontakt website (and FB), the , is finally here! As you can see we can expect a wide range of lectures, presentations, exhibitions,  reading corner activities, panels and all sorts of entertainment. You can find the Gameroom Schedule .

Hereby we we would like to emphasize the special topic of SFeraKon/Eurocon 2012: Kontakt Special Track -short presentations of fandoms and SF & F literature from Non-English speaking countries to facilitate a closer contact between European national fandoms . All presentations, along with anything interesting that happens at the con itself will be published in an electronic format by Kontakt and made available free online for all fans of SF&F.

Besides Q & A’s, where our GoH-s Tim Powers, Darko Macan, Charles Stross and Dmitry Glukhovsky will present themselves, you can hear what they have to say at all sorts of different panels. However, we point out the literary workshop of Tim Powers: MAKING THE READER BELIVE IT! (Saturday, 17:00 – 18:15) and Macan’s Comics Workshop for Kids (Sunday, 13:15 to 14:30). One of the most interesenting panels will definitely be Free On Line Fiction with Stross, Glukhovsky and Powers together as panelists. Glukhovsky will also tell us something more on panels: European Hard SF and E- Publishing, while Stross and Powers will probably take the opposite sides on the panel Steampunk in Literature. This year’s FAN GoH, Cheryl Morgan, 4 times Hugo award winner and a very active member of the international science fiction community will also participate in many panels.

Have fun and make new international SF friends!

Don’t forget that all the lecturers (besides the organizers) are also volunteers, so we would like to thank them once more for their efforts and interest.

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